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Ulei frana Procycle DOT 4 - 1L

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Procycle DOT 4 brake fluid for motorcycles

Ensures long-lasting safety and excellent braking performance. The special ingredients effectively protect all components of the braking system. This high-quality product is suitable for bikes equipped with a hydraulic clutch and braking system. Important: Do not use in vehicles for which mineral oil-based brake fluid is specified (see owner's manual). Procycle DOT 4 brake fluid exceeds the standards FMSVV No. 116 DOT 4, SAE J1703, ISO 4925 and can be mixed with any other brake fluid with the same specification.

Additional technical details:
- Dry boiling point: approx. 265°C
- Wet boiling point: approx. 173°C

Please observe the following points:

  • Follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer when topping up or changing the brake fluid.
  • Only store the brake fluid in the tightly sealed original container.
  • Braking performance may be impaired (danger of accident!) and costly repairs may also be necessary if the brake fluid is mixed with other liquids (e.g. water, oil, petrol) or dirt.
  • Do not use this container for other products and do not refill it.
  • Replace the brake fluid at least once a year.
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